Each And Every Time

Every time you pass me by
I nearly cry it makes me blue
Every time you say hello
And then you go I’m missing you
Every time I think about
The lonely nights I’ve spent
Just wishing you would be
Thinking of me too / time and time again
Being here with me

Every time I close my eyes
It’s no surprise I see your face
Every time you touch my lips, my cheek, my hips
Your hand leaves a trace
Every time you’re by my side
The thought of your embrace
Is tempting me to stay
Though it’s clearly time for us to take our leave
And then be on our way

I find it quite amazing
It always seems that I’m
A fool forever going crazy
That should tell you why

Every time we have a fight
Turn off the light, hang up the phone
Every time the light of day shows us the way
Proves we were wrong
Every time I think how we should know by now
That everything will turn out fine
Baby we can work it out, between us you and me
Each and every time

I know we can work it out
Between us you and me
Each and every time


Words and music © 2016 Dana Whittle / 56RPM. For Béatrix and Quinn.